A dazzling surprise birthday gift….

A dazzling surprise birthday gift….

This ring has a great story behind it. Originally I had simply bought the stone for its gorgeous color, I had no plans as to what to do with it yet. The very next day one of my regular customers saw the stone and instantly fell in love, insisting I make it the centerpiece of a ring for his wife’s birthday. I had not even priced out the stone but he handed me a deposit saying, “Top I trust you, do whatever you want with the setting.”

Three weeks later the ring is finished, and my customer cannot believe how nicely it turned out. He immediately hurried away to give it to his wife — and she came back the same day on her lunch break to tell me how much she loved it! Whenever I see her now she always tells me how many compliments she gets for her pink tourmaline ring.

The ring itself is 18K white gold based around a 5.94 carat Pink Tourmaline center of exceptional hue. The one hundred twenty-six small diamonds that decorate the piece, and form the hearts to either side of the stone, are of VS clarity and E color, with a total weight of 1.18.

Stunning Mason Chai pink heart diamond ring from Beach City Jewelers

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