Ideal2: The First Ideal Cut Hearts and Arrows Square Diamond

Ideal2: The First Ideal Cut Hearts and Arrows Square Diamond

The Ideal2™ (also called the Princess of Hearts™ Diamond) is the only ideal Square Cut Diamond that yields a Hearts & Arrows pattern when examined through the Hearts & Arrows scope.  Additionally it performs exceptionally high under a “light return” analysis.

The finest craftsmen in Antwerp developed this revolutionary cut.  The perfection lies in the symmetrical alignment of each of the 80 facets resulting in a light reflection yielding a Hearts & Arrows pattern.  Moreover, as the Ideal2™ Diamond is cut to “ideal” proportions it generates scintillation that is beyond any existing standard square cut diamond.

It takes up to three times longer than any standard square cut to achieve the finishing quality of the Ideal2™ Diamond.  Ideal2™ Diamond is cut to the most exacting of ideal standards in terms of proportion, polish and symmetry. Less than 1% of all diamonds mined can be certified ideal.  The innovative design of the Ideal2™ Diamond allows it to reflect Perfect Light and Pure Brilliance.

Ideal2™ Diamond is the symbol of modern romance: a revolutionary design that maximizes all the classic elements of a diamond’s beauty – brilliance, elegance and fire.  In modern romance, a diamond is the messenger of a genuine feeling of love.  It says “I love you as you are and because of who you are!”.  This message originates from the heart and the Ideal2™ Diamond is the messenger thereof.

With an Ideal2™ Diamond she’ll definitely know how true your love is.

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